For Sale Boards - Geoffrey Horne

Included, free of charge of course, is a For Sale board. You don't have to have one if you don't want to, that is up to you. A board identifies the property to a buyer when they drive past to have a look at your home before attending the open. It also lets the neighbours know that you are selling and if they have family or friends that are looking to buy nearby.

Do you need a big photo-board? - well no. Photo-boards were good a few years ago, they would show pictures of the house that you couldn't see from the street. Now we have smart phones to do that. With full HD pictures and plenty of them, so photo-boards now only promote the agent. It now does nothing to sell your home or get you more money. Someone sees your for sale board, they google the address and up comes the listing. All the photo's they need in high definition.