Loyalty that Costs Thousands

Just the other day I lost a listing to another company. Now this was a rental property that was coming onto the market and they had three agents out. They did tell me that they were not happy with the agent that managed their property as the tenant had caused a lot of problems and they had to do a lot of work on it. Being who i am i offered advice and visited on numerous occasions. They were doing a good job and I informed them of the price that i thought it would sell for in the area as I had just sold two like it. They thought it was great and was amazed at the price. I informed them it would sell in one week and that I had buyers waiting like most agents in this current climate. I also give them the advise of going with an experienced agent, which i give to everyone. 

Well they went on the market for the price I said and they sold in a week. The only problem, they went with the agent that managed the property. Now that's loyalty, which hey, not my property. 

I asked why they would pay the extra in fees and charges and the answer was that it wasn't all about money. I don't get that, the only advice that I stand by is - get an experienced agent as that can make a big difference, which I am one of. Well on my calculations it cost them an extra $6000 min for one weeks work. That's a lot for Loyalty and I wonder if the agent would be that loyal back. I wonder what they will think when he charges over $10,000 for what he did. 

The time has come

Well the time has come. I am starting my own business. Most Real Estate companies offer a high standard of service and standards. They have very experienced agents that can achieve a higher then normal price in a shorter time. I am one of these experienced agents and have decided to do things a bit differently. I don't have the overheads of a shopfront, I don't believe in wasting money on things that are now old, costly and that I don't believe work anymore. I think that the real estate industry is changing. I believe all industries have changed or are changing due to the internet, we all know that already. I am taking a step in that direction. This is a new era of real estate and by offering you the lowest commission price in the country, charging nothing for the top of the range advertising and being a no sale, no charge service is just the start. My goal is to have a service that is above all others. This is about helping people sell their property for the highest price, the lowest cost and the least amount of effort or worry.


"it's time for Change"

I believe in Change

I enjoy helping people, I believe in making life easier. I like to give back. I believe in change.Anybody is capable of doing and achieving what they put their mind to.

The way I help people is to use my experience and knowledge to improve the process that allows the removal of stress, worry and anxiety. Leaving you with the relief of knowing life is easier..

Using my process, I achieve ultimate results at less then half the cost with no financial or emotional burden.

Leap Estate Agents
1% Commission Free Advertising

"it's time for Change"

I Believe I am here to help people

Why have i halved the priced of Real Estate Commission and why do i give free advertising.
Well its simple - I Believe I am here to help people
I have just taken away all the unnecessary costs.
Have I sacrificed any service - absolutely not
Am i going to try and convince you - no, i believe people will see this as not just someone trying to get new business at a low price but the new way that real estate is going. Most businesses are.
Whats the difference between Geoffrey Horne and other major real estate agents? - money, your money. Apart from that, we all offer a high level of professional service.
Do i believe that if you pay thousands of dollars more in commission and thousands of dollars more in advertising that the other agent will get that money plus thousands of dollars more for your property? - Well, i will leave that one for you................. Its your money.!
Am I new at Real Estate - absolutely not. I have sold everything from blocks of land, units, new houses, established houses, investments and lifestyle properties. I have been doing this for a long time and have sold hundreds of them. This is not new for me, this is what i do. i am a professional real estate agent.
Do I think this is the way Real Estate sales are going - I believe this is only the beginning.

Leap Estate Agents
1% Commission Free Advertising
"it's time for Change"