Loyalty that Costs Thousands

Just the other day I lost a listing to another company. Now this was a rental property that was coming onto the market and they had three agents out. They did tell me that they were not happy with the agent that managed their property as the tenant had caused a lot of problems and they had to do a lot of work on it. Being who i am i offered advice and visited on numerous occasions. They were doing a good job and I informed them of the price that i thought it would sell for in the area as I had just sold two like it. They thought it was great and was amazed at the price. I informed them it would sell in one week and that I had buyers waiting like most agents in this current climate. I also give them the advise of going with an experienced agent, which i give to everyone. 

Well they went on the market for the price I said and they sold in a week. The only problem, they went with the agent that managed the property. Now that's loyalty, which hey, not my property. 

I asked why they would pay the extra in fees and charges and the answer was that it wasn't all about money. I don't get that, the only advice that I stand by is - get an experienced agent as that can make a big difference, which I am one of. Well on my calculations it cost them an extra $6000 min for one weeks work. That's a lot for Loyalty and I wonder if the agent would be that loyal back. I wonder what they will think when he charges over $10,000 for what he did.