Internet Advertising - Geoffrey Horne

All properties will be advertised on These are the websites that get results. I have sold hundreds of houses and nearly all buyers are using this website.

Do I use feature ads and pay an enormous price for them. Well I would if they made a difference, but no I don't. Every buyer now has a smart phone, a tablet or a computer. They are all looking at property everyday to see what new homes are coming on. So when you list your property on the internet the buyers would have already been looking for weeks trying to find the right one. They will see your home, click on it and have a full screen look at a property with photo's in high definition. 

Don't be led down the garden path on paying thousands for big ads on the internet. Buyers don't care, they will look at all properties. Remember they have already been waiting for more homes to come onto the market, so they keeping on looking.  Making sure the photo's are great, that there is as many as possible and that you have floor & site plans is the important items. Remember you are here to sell your property for the most amount of money you can, not to make the real estate agent look good so he can get another listing. Do you really believe if you pay for a bigger ad that you will get another $20,000?