Paper Advertising - Geoffrey Horne

The real estate industry loves paper. They love to advertise in the local paper, they love to print thousands of droppers and put them in your letterbox. They print, print and print some more. They have brochures and booklets everywhere. It amaze's me how this has not changed. 

The local newspaper is now obsolete. We all know it, they know it. It is unfortunate as there are some wonderful people that work there, but the reality is that it is no longer needed. Real estate agencies still push to advertise in the local paper as it is the only way they can promote their business in the local area. Oh, and they charge you for it. You may think that buyers still read the paper. Well 99% of buyers come from the internet. Properties are usually on the internet two weeks before it hits the paper. Apart from that, over 50% of buyers don't come from the local area, so they never see the paper. Being the largest expense in advertising with now the least or no result. This has been happening for a while now.

The other paper being letter box drops, magazines and brochures are also absolete but agents and agency are at a loss of what else they will do to get business. So they continually print, print, print. We will not be doing this anymore and in doing so, we can offer better prices to you, for the same or better results.

We have replaced the paper with Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook, we can set the area of distribution as twice the size of the local paper,  reaching over 80,000 people. It is included free of charge and far more effective.