Selling at 1% Commission

The benefits of selling at 1% Commission is the the vendors chase you. You are offering the same service you have always offered, just at less then half the price and the corner shop real estate agency cannot compete.

Did you know that you will probably earn more money at 1% Commission then at the rate your selling now. Cutting out the agency, which we all know really does not much at all and eliminating all those extra fee's & charges, doesn't leave you with much. We pay up to nearly 80% of commission on all sales.  Eg. You sell a home at $600,000. The commission is $6000, that means $4800 to you. 

As we all know, real estate commission is negotiable. Talk to us about how this works for you.

We even pay the advertising.

Get in contact with us, you might be amazed at what we are doing for agents.