What we offer

Do you want 80% of the commission.

Do you want vendors to chase you, instead of you chasing them.

Do you want to be a real estate agent and just take the commission at the end without paying upfront charges, ongoing fee's and numerous amounts of charges before you get paid.

Do you want the choice of working in real estate part time, full time or when ever you want to.

Our company is designed to let the agent do what they are good at, List and sell. 

We offer:

  • prospecting - Lead generating tool that feeds you appraisals for free
  • great commissions
  • ability to increase commission outcome
  • ability to upgrade advertising packs
  • your mobile number on the board
  • work from home
  • no hours
  • no reporting
  • no meetings
  • all administration handled
  • no ongoing fee's
  • no admin fee's
  • no franchise fee's
  • actually - no fee's at all
  • ability to have another job
  • ability to work for another agency (eg. work for an agency in the city, sell a home in the suburbs.)
  • ability to work elsewhere in a full time job - do real estate on the side.
  • ability to just sell one home when you want to, or as many as you can.
  • training video library

Email at geoffreyhornerealestate@gmail.com for an agent only information sheet.