Who am I - Geoffrey Horne

My name is Geoffrey Horne, I've lived in the City of Casey for 27 years and I have been working in local real estate for the past 12 years. In that time I have helped hundreds of people sell their properties and others find their new home or investment.

Having a family with older children I have the experience and knowledge of owning and selling homes. I understand the needs of families, the challenges for investors, the importance of obtaining the highest selling price for retirees and how the market works. I know that property can be the biggest or only asset people have and that achieving the best result is of utmost importants.

Being an experienced real estate agent, I understand the property market. The cycle that we follow, the ups and downs that come with property. I understand buyers and the needs they have. I sell your homes as if it was my own and make sure that the price achieved is the highest the current market will pay. An inexperienced agent can cost  you thousands.

When selling your home, you need to pick an agent that you can rely on, that will make the experience of selling, profitable and stress free. Knowing that the best outcome was achieved. Someone you can trust.

That is who I am. Geoffrey Horne