Why am I charging the lowest commissions - Geoffrey Horne

I'm offering the lowest commission because that's where I believe the rate should be. The real estate industry is changing and what I am doing is going to be the normal price in the future. I don't have the overheads in relation to a shop front that no one visits anymore. All processes in all industries are being streamlined to give the client - you - the best possible price without compromising on any service or expertise. That's what I am doing.

I have a new business model that allows me to give to you, the best commission rates in the country without sacrificing service or advertising. This is the direction that real estate companies do not want to go. The discounts I give now is only the beginning!  1% commission Free Advertising (which is equivalent to a $2000 paid campaign) . All of  this is going to improve over time. This is just the start of a new era of real estate.